Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Opposites of an Adult

Being 20-something (23) and Everyone looking n regarding you as an Adult but I don't feel like it. I dont see myself as an Adult but if I commit a crime I am being booked as an Adult.  When n How did I get this old?
Hmm.. I just wish that I start crossing some of  the things I thought I would have done achieved n completed by now.

My Glasses from Karmaloop have arrived... Below is me in my office (Door Closed) trying them on
Brown Natalie Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Black Vice Sunglasses


  1. thanks hun for dropping by with the sweet comments

  2. I can see myself wearing shade #1 (:

  3. Girl hush! 23 is NOT old! If you're old I'm ancient lol

  4. @Hipster I thought I lost those already the other day... but I had tuck them away for same keeping and forgot I had hidden them safe LOL. @Cyn I still feeel OLD