Friday, May 6, 2011

Man on a mission

Salvatore has been goin on a couple job interviews... And Hes not even far into hes JOB Search and Not even a College Grad yet (soon to be later this month) But he just got hes first Job Offer. He went after two which weren't even true to his interest and He has landed that one which is. Iam super excited for him.

He was  at another job interview earlier today now... that one offers to pay back hes student loans if employed. Which I think sounds alot better in his ears, thats an awesome benefit. But now hes stuck on if he should keep pursuing this job company in Burlington or Take Job offer #1...? I dont even know how to advise him and I dont want to advice him in any wrong way...? What advice can u give me to pass on to him?

Abotu the job offer#1 is that The job location is in Salem, MASS... Closer than where he is at now at school but its still not Boston. Burlington is much closer to Boston. We will still be doing an amount of traveling back n forth, oh well. I think the distance does us good, we dont see each other everyday so it makes the time fly by fast and we end up talking about how much we miss each other. Hes next move if he does take any Job is finding a place to move to and will he go for a studio apt or would he rather have roommates? Iam just glad hes not heading back to Cape Code.

Iam in Love with this guys Motivation and character

In our good spirit I will share some pics

Heading out the see n hear GROVEBOSTON  
Celebrating cinco de Mayo with a Corona + Lime


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