Friday, May 6, 2011

Current Relationship status

If you read one of my first few entries... I stated I was single and dating three guys. Well that is no longer the case and this short but second entry of the day is created for an update.

I have stopped talking and seeing both the other guys to get serious with Salve. Salve has always introduced me for the most part as hes girl... hes friends call me his girlfriend. So we were at this party and He tells me that all Iam missing is the title  and He ask me if thats what I wanted, I nodded yes and He says well I always introduce you to everyone as my girl and you are. Short and Sweet.

Relationship Status: Taken, April 29th '11

I did tell him about JC a week or two before and that went reallly bad. I didnt know if we were goin to make it after that. Plus Salv already has trust + jealousy issues that most people would def mark as red flags and to run the opposite way. He was throwing it in my face everyday n every chance he could that I went out on two dates with another guy while hes been faithful. I told him that was my way of being cautious, which was true. At that party he also said that everything is in the past, he wont bring up JC again and that everything starts here and now, brand new!!!

 In my good spirit I think I need to share that picture of us again LOL


  1. thanks hun. glad you like my blog. come back for more. i'm new also. it's only been a week or so for me and i will adding and still need to complete my layout. I haven't yet figured out all of the features and options and how to use them properly. It takes alot of time and work! so ppl better appreciate other's blogs! lol I followed you back. keep doing what you do, and in time you will improve and be having tons of followers :)
    take care

  2. Aww, you two make a cute couple :)