Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two new pairs haul #2

You know your addicted to online shopping when you leave work happy as a clam with two delivery packages of goodies: a box for each arm.

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Presenting my new heels :)

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Cant wait to rock these heels out
especially for my week long vacation to MIAMI
I should really make a wishlist of everything I need/ want for my upcoming trip

Which ones do you like? If its neither, I have another shoe haul coming up to post about

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stripes of Neon

Been away for a little while but its really because of the gorgeous weather New England receive this last week... I forgot all about my Lil blog.

About the only Set of Pics that I can share

And with the Sun shinning right into my eyes... it causes me toup give that weird face

Close up shots of my outfit:

Metal studded Belt with a Thrifted Skirt
Neon shirt with Forever21 necklaces

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring haul #1

Instead of spring cleaning ... I've been finding myself doing alot of spring shopping.

Mostly because I have just booked a vacation to Miami... Really excited about my lil girls trip to South Beach, JUST 60 MORE DAYS. I truly needed a bit of Relaxation. & Excitement ... How come work doesn't have spring breaks?

So what did I get?

White Tops

More Tops but with Details


Blue shift dress which I already wore out Friday night

And lastly for now

Colored Bottoms... Shoes were thrifted :)

I think im off to a good start... Happy first day of Spring

Monday, March 19, 2012

voxbox review: Truvia

Last week I mentioned I finally received my first Voxbox. Please go to

Register and you can possibly qualify to receive free samples of tons of amazing products that have yet hit stores in most areas. Iam so happy with my Love Voxbox and I hope to continue this beautiful friendship. They give and I receive completely Free.

Todays Review is for Truvia an all natural Calorie- Free sweetener.

The weather is heating up and what better way to cool off & still get your caffeine fix for the workday ahead then with a medium ice-tea . I grabbed myself one with a lemon but no sugar at my favorite lil breakfast spot. I waited till I got to work to try it out with my free packets of Truvia that I received in my voxbox.

I've tried splenda + equal... hated it and told myself I would never try that out again. The difference between Truvia and them is that Truvia is natural and not artificial sugar substitutes. Truvia is really sweet... im the girl who usually puts 8 packs of sugar (SMH) in all mythe drinks, tea or coffee but I since the new year I have pushed myself to cut down to 4 packs & have done really good at cutting my sugar intake. Now with the Truvia I only used 1. The packs are filled up all the way to the brim and its really sweet.

Reason for use: weight loss, dental care, diabetes & great taste.

Thumbs up. Can't wait to sprinkle this on a grapefruit, I have such a sweet-tooth that I add way to much sugar, Truvia will help me with that.

Friday, March 16, 2012

can I still get a Kiss?

So im not Irish but Iam wearing green all over ME... does that qualify a sista child for a KISS.

I live in Boston, a town filled with college students & young professionals so the bar scenes are crazy right now plus its spring break, I had to go out n experience the madness.

Let the madness begin.. I enjoying having a couple drinks but its even better when you get to watch a bunch of drunk ppl stumble around recklessly.

My St. Pattys Nail look

Wasn't kidding when I said I got green all over me... Hope it brings me good luck.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bloody Burgundy

Wearing Burgundy pants which were purchased from Victoria Secret and I thought about keeping it simple with this cream blouse from H&M but what I love the most about this Wednesday outfit is my lil hint of Leopard. I need more belts... I have been on a move to revamp my style & add more quality pieces to my closet so I have to remember when im out purchasing all these new + thrifted items to not forget to look for some belts.

Looking around on amazon for a new digital camera but until then all pics will come from my camera phone.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

arrival of my first voxbox

I have alot to post about today... I thought about making it into two posts but in ready to get the ball rolling with an introduction to Influenster. I finally received my first Voxbox. Please go to

Register and you can possibly qualify to receive free samples of tons of amazing products that have yet hit stores in most areas. Iam so happy with my Love Voxbox and I hope to continue this beautiful friendship. They give and I receive completely Free.

Quick overview because I actually have a review on my favorite item down below:

Venus and Olay Razor from Gillette: Love the pretty packaging, so excited to try it since the weather is heating up which means less layers and more skin.

Gourmet Milk Chocolate Bar from Ghirardelli: Okay so this is a huge bar but Iam not a chocolate lover and I know this is usually not the case. Im sure I will have no issues to get someone to review this for Me.

Kiss Nail Dress: Stick-on-Strips and Nail decals ... My number one favorite item in my voxbox so keep reading for my review.

Herbal Tea Sampler from Stash: who here is a Tea Baby --> Iam. And this sampler comes with 9 different flavors, I just know I am going to love it.

Truvia: Anyone on a diet should appreciate this calorie-free sweetener.

My love Voxbox finally came to ne Friday and by Saturday my mom was insisting she's needs to get her nails done. My mom is in her 50s but still likes to keep it trendy so I decided to share plus she was running late to her church function. Though these pics don't do enough justice, I will b doing my own nails next week

Great trend according to me but only if you like fun, super-sexy blingy nails.

I feel like I receive one of the best Nail dress, Shrug KDS11.

Have you spotted any of these new KISS products in your area yet?

Friday, March 9, 2012

the Palazzo Pants

Yes my camera is truly dead but my memory card seems good to have survived that dreadful fall. My next couple posts will have to be pictures that never made it to the Blog. I want to remain active

Now on to my inspired look & Springs new look... Palazzo Pants

Wide-Legged bottoms worn with high chunky loafer heels. Quite Versatile for work wear & cocktail wear with a change of a shirt and shoes.

Incredibly comfortable and will likely be buying another... an ultra lightweight silky one with colorfull florals or prints to wear to the Beach.

U know ur not a model when every picture you pose for and there goes your hands automatically on your hip.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Digital camera fell and is currently Broken
The Lens are all crooked and must be jammed

I can hear the gears moving, like it's trying to extend and pull back the lens, but something is definitely jammed.

SUCH a NIGHTMARE AND I already had my Link-up Wednesday Outfit ready

Inspiration...... Pallazo Pants


Saturday, March 3, 2012


Probably the only time you will catch me outside all made-up taking pictures in the cold and in the snow

All I needed to do was leave the house and jump in the Car but the SNOW was so pretty.




So for the readers out there who loves the snow or never seen the snow, pictures just for you. For the readers who is ready for spring, im sorry but I promise this will be it. Its MARCH... Spring is just around the corner.