Friday, March 16, 2012

can I still get a Kiss?

So im not Irish but Iam wearing green all over ME... does that qualify a sista child for a KISS.

I live in Boston, a town filled with college students & young professionals so the bar scenes are crazy right now plus its spring break, I had to go out n experience the madness.

Let the madness begin.. I enjoying having a couple drinks but its even better when you get to watch a bunch of drunk ppl stumble around recklessly.

My St. Pattys Nail look

Wasn't kidding when I said I got green all over me... Hope it brings me good luck.


  1. love your dress :) you should definitely try the nail oil.. and ouuch dont use aceton on your nails! not good .. hehe.. xx

    1. Its a shirt paired with a skirt bought from Forever 21... and acetone as in nail polish remover, is it that bad?

  2. Fabbb!! I love this!!!


  3. No acetone is the fastest and best polish remover! I wouldn't say it's "bad" but it's not "good"! Don't use it every time. It's too strong. Anyhow, the nails are banging and the skirt rocks!

  4. love all the prints!
    -Gabrielle a.k.a GStyle Follow if you like!