Wednesday, June 1, 2011

where the lines overlap

Really quite frustrating.
Its been over a year maybe even two years now that ME and Him were no longer together.

To keep this short... In the recent weeks, I have been talking about Salve but actually called him by my ex's name.

Both of their real names start with the same vowel "E" though
so thats makes me feel a tad better....Slightly
It could be worst like if the ex name was Fred and I was calling current boyfriend Fred instead of Steven.
Did that make any sense?

Well, this has gotten me quite nervous. Heart racing type of anxiety.
What does this even mean?
Iam serously Panicking

Can you imagine  being w/ ur SO and having a great day but you f*ck it all up by accidentally calling him the wrong name. And by the name of your ex boyfriend.


1 comment:

  1. lolz...hilarious!
    It happens to us all. It'll blow over.