Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Its really all about the shoes

Yep Iam a girl who LOVE Shoes
I haven't made my way to bags n wallets n Sunnies n makeup n hats or even Jewelry 
(Iam pretty much basic with those)
except for my Shoes & clothes
I find it very important to keep my shoes in great conditions. It is a waste of money to spend money on things you love and then treat them carelessly.

I will share clothes n food
but I will not lend you a pair of shoes or sneaks.
I have screamed n yell at my own mother when I seen her wearing a pair of sandals of mine. This has happened more than once and screaming has been my only way of dealing with it. I believe I went to sleep those nights... asking WHY oh WHY did I end up with the same size feet as Mommy.

Oneday I plan on having the most amazing walk in wardrobe ever.
I’ve always hated the thought of hiding away my clothes in wardrobes/drawers, It doesn’t seem right. Clothes should always be on show; whether your wearing them or not.
I hope to earn enough to money to splurge on a walk-in closet that resembles somethin close to this... With a twist to fit my taste n liking of course
Kloe K Odom Shoe Heaven

I sure hope this fairy-tale of mines come true... I don't even need all the RED-BOTTOMS. 
A Classic Black and Nude Patent Leather Pumps will do just fione.
Clothes are difficult for me... Iam 5'7 (1/2)  yes 5'7.5 and Weight about 115lbs But for Shoes I just slip my foot right in. I have heard some of my fave pair of shoes called my name right before purchasing.

Do you know how much easier it will be for me to each and every-time?
Having it all hanging and on display; is a valid way of getting dressed. I just need to stare everything down until I finally find the prefect top to go with the perfect bottom and shoe. Easy. 

^ ^ ^ Above will be my perfect argument for the husband to make this a reality for me



  1. That third pic is amazing! Wish I had all of these shoes lol!


  2. OMG ! Khloe's closet is juts FAN-TAS-TIC !! i wouldn't mind having a couple of these "red bottoms" !! Aaaah great post !! I'm a shoe LOVER too :)