Monday, April 4, 2011

Question 2

day 2 - where you’d like to be in 10 years.

10 years...Damn. Thats a LOOONG time. But just like my 4years of college flew by  I know same is goin to happen for the next years. 10years will make me 33. OOOOooooh JEEZ, 33 years old. I just hope I have my mothers unique genes... she looks 15years younger than her actual age.

Though Iam 23... alot of people will guess that Iam still in my teen years. I hope the UPS guy was joking when he questioned my age saying I looked 16.

First I will say by 33 I hope that I own a home and have started a family or about to. If am not already married, I hope I have that engagement ring on my left hand. I hope this is the man that truly Loves me and that this is the man that I Love with all my being and will spend my forever with.

Second I hope my faith has grown tremendously

Third... I hope I used my time wisely to finish my Bachelors and went for my masters. I hope I love being a Nurse.

Fourth I also would like have traveled all over the world, that I finally got to visit France and most of Europe. Italy, Greece and Egypt. That Ive went back to visit Haiti and Connected with a bunch of family. Got to bask in the sun of many of the islands in the West Indies.

Fifth just to take more control of being a change and playing an active role in Zeta or Community.


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