Thursday, April 7, 2011

Question 4

day 4 - your views on religion.

Religion is a tough subject for me because I cant really explain my beliefs. Iam not where I want to be in my Faith  but I believe in one mighty loving God.

I wish I was more of a rock when it comes to being a christian but This world has been overtaken by Evil; Evil Spirits. I know I have a couple of them in me. Because I have had sex and Iam not married, Fornication with different guys is a Sin. Though I have never been/ experimented with being GAY/ LESBIAN it is just as sinful. I have stolen, I have judge others, and I have disrespected both my mother n father. The List goes on and on. I have been drunk, I have placed going shopping, attain materialism, before going to church. Going on facebook before reading my bible. I suck at goin down on my knees to pray and repent.

Iam currently asleep, in the dark and refusing to wake; to see the light because being of the world is more fun.

The things unseen are more precious, such as Love, Faith, Hope... but because its unseen we dont value it like we should. We see our bodies, and the fun we can do to our bodies. We can ink numerous tattoos, we can have all types of piercings. Our bodies gotta look good, so we go shopping to get dressed for the newest fashion trends. After that, we go to the club where they play music such as "I want to F8ck every girl in the world" by Lil Wayne and we take SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS... Everybody. Boy meets Girl and then a few days, weeks or months before a marriage... Boy and Girl are having sex. Oh the joys of the world.

Like I said...  Religion is a tough subject for me because I do wrong when I know its wrong. I choose to squeeze my eyes shut and follow the world. But I do love GOD. I pray one day I will have the strength and faith to give myself up to him before its tooo late.


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