Friday, October 21, 2011

B'Day + Halloween Weekend

I stayed an extra 30mins at work browsing ASOS Website Looking for my B'Day dress
Just in case of wrong n ill fitting
I purchased two different dresses

Will Post Pics from my B'Day Halloween Weekend



Need help with halloween costume ideas
This is Me and My babes first time dressing up for halloween ever as couples and were pretty excited but we can not agree on much for costumes. Its even more of a challenge but special at the same time because he wants us to make + design our costumes together.

He said no to Pilot & Stewardess
He said no to Football Player & Cheerleader

The winning costume might be Pocahontas & John Smith

Wish Us Luck

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  1. I'm sure you and hubz will look so cute for Halloween. Cute blog ;)