Thursday, July 7, 2011


Iam back

Work has blocked n taken away blogger and all other blogging sites

But I still kept at it and Today it looks to be BACK

--------------------------------------------------------------- All Ive got for an update is my hair.

Iam looking to get back to properly taking care of it... Winter & Spring seems to be the hardest n laziest times for me to give my hair some attention.

no more excuses... Summer is here and I will be giving my hair some LTC. No more breakage and Lots of growth <Hopefully>

 Its been 2weeks... And Iam maintaing the braids very nicely. I tie my hair down nightly before bed. And in the morning I apply some moisturizer and some oil to the braids.
The front left half of my hair is a-lot looser with new-growths compared to the Back and the right side.

Lastly, I mixed and started a Sulfur Oil Mix to apply nightly for the next 2weeks. Hopefully I can go another 2weeks with the braids. Braids are a great way to tell me how much growth I hope to get from the Oil mix.

So glad to be back

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