Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flared Jeans and Leopard Wedges

Im really excited about this post
This is an outfit I wore out to make some errands
whats so exciting about running errands?
Well if its to do last minute shopping for your
upcoming trip to Puerto Rico its actually very exciting

I can't wait




I should have taken a more detailed pic of the shoes
because they are adorable and only cost $7.


I hope to take lots of pictures to come back with
and share unlike my other two trips which I have yet posted much on

And just maybe show you guyz my airport style of choice and I packed for a week-long trip tomorrow

Stay Tune


  1. Can't wait for the pictures of your trip, you look nice.

  2. gorgeous outfit hun!! and oh strange my hemp seed oil doesn't smell strange.. it smells rather "grassy".. but just a tip, if you want to try it- add some essential oils to it like lavender, sweet orange or something :) xx