Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What does that Title mean.... Just means I did a new glitter look on my nails.

While I Sat down drooling being mind-fucked by the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I dont know how I still ended up with a decent at home-manicure??!

I took some inspiration from the many glitter french tips that Ive seen such as:


And instead got busy creating these...
Crescent Moons


  1. Yeah I agree about the oils.. I actually havn't tried Jojoba and Avocado oil yet.. And I only recently tried Grapeseed Oil because it's said to be a great heat protectant for your hair x

  2. thanks for stopping by and following... cute blog as well
    xo Dior

  3. Oh I see.. wll I dont think anyone should force themselves to do it.. that kind of takes the point out of it.. But I like it because of the feeling you get when your finished working out.. sooo rewarding.. Take Care x